1. On June 13, 2010 Archbishop Pichierri signed a decree which brought great joy to Suor Assunta and the members of Association Luisa Piccarreta, Little Children of the Divine Will. The decree raises the association from a private association of the faithful located in the Diocese of Trani to a canonically approved Public Association of the Faithful located in the Diocese of Trani and subject to the supervision of the local Bishop. The status of Public Association makes it a juridical person. The decree is effective on an experimental basis for a period of five years.
2. June 24th an 18 foot statue of St. Hannibal Di Francia was installed at the Vatican very near the left side of the main entrance to St. Peter's. Then on July 8, the magnificent statue was blessed by Pope Benedict XVI in a morning ceremony. This is significant for the coming Reign of the Divine Will because of St. Hannibal's close connection to Luisa Piccarreta as her extrordinary confessor and official censor of her writings. He gave the "nihil obstat" to the first 19 of her volumes of the "Book of Heaven" before He died, and published 4 editions of the "Hours of the Passion..."
In the morning hours, the enormous statue of Saint Hannibal Di Francia was placed in its niche at Plaza of Roman Protomartyrs, at the Arch of the Bells of the Saint Peter Basilica at the Vatican. The statue, carved in Carrara marble, weights nearly 10 tons and is 5.3 meters high.
The request to place a monument of St. Hannibal outside the St. Peter Basilica was made to the Holy See for religious congregations founded by St. Father Di Francia, as a tribute to its founder in an effort to spread his holiness and charisma, especially after his canonization.
Master José Ducrot sculpted this work from a single block of Carrara marble. The statue of Father Hannibal is holding the book of the Gospels opened in the Rogate passage, “The harvest indeed is abundant, but the laborers are few. Pray (Rogate) therefore the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into his harvest).” (Mt 9: 37-38: Lk 10: 2).

3. On July 23, outstanding news came from Association Luisa Piccarreta that the second of two Vatican-appointed theologians had finished his review of all of Luisa's writings and had given a Positive report of his review as had the first theologian sometime earlier!!!
The second of two theologians assigned by the Vatican to review the Writings of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, has now completed his duty as censor of those writings. He also, like the first of the two theologians with this duty, has reached a POSITIVE assessment of her writings!!!!!
The Pious Association Luisa Piccarreta notified Fr. Carlos that the second theologian, an expert in Moral Theology, assigned by the Cause of Saints has also given his positive assessment of Luisa's Writings. (see below) I already reported to you, after we were with the Prefect for the Cause of Saints, that the expert in Mystical Theology gave his positive assessment of Luisa's Writings several weeks ago.

This event concerns the unofficial "positive assessment" by two pontifical university appointed professors of Luisa’s writings (censors). It is important to emphasize that this positive assessment applies ONLY to Luisa's "Italian" 36 volumes that were submitted to the Vatican a few years ago.

For all practical purposes, this Italian edition is considered a "typical edition." The typical edition is not the final product, but a work in progress. This edition will prepare the way for what will eventually be published some time from now, namely, the "critical edition." The critical edition of Luisa's collected works will be the edited and refined edition of her writings that will contain the standard table of contents, index, bibliography, etc.). Therefore what grammatical and doctrinal errors all the presently circulated volumes contain, the critical edition will seek to eliminate.